This collection received the iJungle Illustration Competition 2023 Self-promotion Merit Award, was the Runner-up of Creative Quarterly 75, and was shortlisted for the Communicate Arts Illustration Competition 2024.
The Bunny Loop series joyfully commemorates the Chinese New Year, drawing its essence from the auspicious symbolism of the rabbit zodiac. Rooted in the rich tradition of Nianhua (年画), a customary Chinese art form adorning windows and doors to usher in good fortune, each illustration represents a heartfelt wish for the upcoming year.

Inspired by the cross-cultural motif of the 'Three Hares with Conjoined Ears,' signifying the 'present, past, and future,' my artwork serves as a visual chronicle. Here, three adorable bunnies, functioning as timekeepers, accelerate the fruition of bountiful outcomes.

At the heart of each illustration lies a narrative of industrious bunnies tending to theme trees — be it the prosperity tree, affection tree, or longevity tree. While some diligently inspect the vitality of these arboreal wonders, others skillfully harvest fruits to fashion enchanting amulets. Two larger bunnies gracefully assume the roles of caretakers, nurturing the trees with water and fertiliser.

In contrast to the traditional practice of replacing Nianhua annually, the Bunny Loop series advocates for enduring companionship, fostering sustainability and minimizing waste. My aspiration is for these illustrations to be everlasting sources of positive energy, inviting individuals to continually embrace the perpetual charm they exude. May they serve as timeless conduits of joy and prosperity throughout the years.
Bunny Orchard
Bunny Cupid
Bunny Perform
Bunny Forever
Black and White Drawings
Artwork on Prints
Applying gold leaf on the canvas
Giclée print on canvas with Gold leaf, 8.41x10.65cm, 5 Editions
Giclée print on canvas with Gold acrylic, 4.20x5.32cm, 20 Editions

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